Value Of Social Media in 2018 SEO

By the time marketers catch up with consumers,the consumers are already ahead.Digital marketing is a fast paced as it is fragmented.When a channel or device of digital marketing is trending,marketing,simply because it is the trend/prescribed thing to do.After all,marketing gurus and blogs such as this one sing the praises of social media marketing.

The fact is social media marketing can be very effective when it is done strategically and measured for results.Every company should know their social media marketing metrics,be able to see how social media can amplify their content marketing and work towards their financial goals.

As the saying goes,” there is nothing permanent in this world,” marketers should plan for paradigm shifts in digital marketing.The emergency of wearable device,virtual reality and real time marketing can change many aspects of social media ,marketing as we all know it today.

Five ways social media marketing will change in 2018 and beyond.

Social media platforms are changing all the time. Emarketer even predicted that social network ad spending will reach $35.98 billion by 2017.Social media channels are bridging the gap between the eCommerce store and a social media profile.What are other social media marketing changes we can expert in 2018?


1. Socail media marketing thrives with mobile and faster Internet

With mobile device at hand ,social media user can readily access content and real time conversations.These days,trending topics on social media is the fastest way for news to get around.Faster broadband may become a fundamental right for people and companies will be able to reach many millions of consumers with their content.

2. Social media will showcase brands like never before

Social media marketing can generate conversations about a company / brand;it is like world of mouth marketing on steroids.In 2018 and beyond,social media marketing will be unparalleled in creating buzz.Satisfied customer will spread the world about their favorite brand and products will divide people more then to monitor conversations on social media 24/7 and respond quickly.

3.Visual competition on Social media

With the influx of visual content on social media,it can make 2018 the year for companies to prioritize image in their content.form of visual content such as GIF, rich media,creative videos will become trendier in 2018 and beyond.

4. Video content will get even bigger on social media

Facebook and Youtube will dominates as the social networks for your video content.More companies will invest in video marketing when they realize the reach and vale of social media channels.Optimizing video content for search engines is necessary for every company’s digital marketing strategy.

5. A new social media platform will gain traction

The stage is set for a new social media platform to emerge in 2018.In order to gain traction,the new social media platform will need a lot of users within a short frame of time to make it valuable.Businesses have to platforms that their consumers use.

Social media marketing will continue to grow and flourish an 2018.The trends of tomorrow will be focus on increased social media privacy.greater levels of user engagement and personalized social media content.In order to remain competitive in digital space,marketers need to be aware of consumers’s behavior on social media and adapt to social media marketing change.In particular,the focus should be a better user experience for consumers on social media.As a form of outbound marketing,social media is indispensable.




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