This is Yuriy Borisov, Known as Yuri, a travel and adventure lover from Russia. I like the hippies culture here, Parties, events and lots of tourism activities usually happens here everyday. In this website Yuri Borisov WordPress Dot Com. I will share information about the  parties and events happening at Parvati valley, Goa, and Nepal. If you need more information about the Events, Hit me  up or hit the contact details I had added on the blog post. Living in Himalayas most of the time. Some time I think, I am born to enjoy my life and traveling. I made my passion my business and growing everyday. I made this website just to share my travel experience and updates from around the world. I categorized it as

  1. Business places you would like to visit. Like any organisations and markets.
  2. Entertainment place like pools, clubs, Parks etc
  3. Life style and life science place any interior places with unique life styles and methodologies.
  4. Money talk, where I will discuss about the scopes of tourism and money making posts.
  5. Movies will be the talk about any video I will post and discuss on movies section.
  6. News will features about the tourism and adventure industry news.
  7. Sports section will be about the tourism and adventure sports scopes.
  8. World is section about amazing things in the World.

I hope you all will be enjoying the post here!

Yuri Borisov