Panch Kedar Trek.

The name Himalayas evokes different emotions. For some it is the land of high mountains and wonderful sceneries. Many others consider the territory as the divine sanctuary impregnated with mysteries surrounding enlightened wandering ascetics, mystic yogis and tibetan lamas possessing supernatural powers. The mountains are the universities of spiritual knowledge where, over the the centuries, the unbroken chain of Himalayan Yogis conducted meditative experiments to explore the secrets of mind and consciousness while metamorphising into highly evolved and self-realised beings. It is also a land of legends and myths
It is the combination of adventure, unparalleled beauty of nature, solitude, temples and places having spiritual vibes and the opportunity to interact with godmen that entices and drags us there. The treks provide us with an escapism from the so called “civilized world” into another zone which operates with a different set of rules. Here we succumb to the forces of nature and God. Our life is at the mercy of mother nature.
The mountains also hold several ancient Hindu temples of importance. Panchkedar consists of five Shiva temples (Kedarnath, Madhamaheshwar,Tunganath, Rudranath and Kalpeshwar) spread 140 km over the Uttarakhand Himalayas – accessible by trekking on the steep mountain footpaths , crossing scores of water falls , beautiful meadows and virgin villages perched on the mountain peaks and deep forests ruled by bears, leopards and deers.
You will pass through villages very little influenced by the outside civilization and exhibiting an ancient charm. Life moves at a slow rhythm and with utmost tranquility and peace. The beauty of nature can not be described by words nor can be captured in any frame of photography. A village might consist of 10-15 houses – old houses having wooden walls , mud plastered floor and roof covered with sliced stones.

1. Kedarnath 3584 m/ 11,756 ft
2. Madmaheshwar 3,497 m/ 11,473.1ft
3. Tungnath 3,680m/ 12,073 ft
4. Rudranath 3286m/ 7,500 ft
5. Kalpeshwar 2200m / 7,217 ft

14 Nights and 15 Days across 140 kms of one of the best Himalayan forests and views.

For just Rs. 24,900/- per head.
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