Hello everyone , welcome to all new chapter Electronic Mahadev EDITION 1 , after the two succesful killar open air psytrance festival in kasol EMF(2015) AND COKABANA FESTIVAL(2016) , the team is delighted to bring to you a mesmerising cocktails of the best progressive , morning , fullon, ambient and chillout live music from around the world ,
, it is truly said when human takes ample time in creating something then one of the beautiful creation comes into existense one of such creation is electronic music and Team EMF has always prided associating itself in terms of electronic music .
We Trance because for a short while there are no problems in my world or your, the dancefloor becomes a paradise a playground , where all are welcomed and none are judged , we trance because it allows to see the world the way it could be , WE TRANCE IN NATURE because she remind us to take a moment to play , to be free , to stop and CONNECT -with each other and her – the turbulent place , the land of energy – hydro , acoustic and ELECTRONIC ENERGY – PARVATY VALLEY for whom shiva himself transforms into electronic mahadev

line up and details coming soon
stay tuned
team EMF

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